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Important Questions to Ask Your Dentist

Published on April 29th, 2019

Whenever your in the dentist’s chair, the dentist is asking you questions that you aren’t able to answer because of the copious amount of appliances taking up the space in your mouth. Sometimes, you’re thinking answers to the questions, but cannot physically say them. Reverse the roles. Have you ever thought of things you could ask your dentist? For many, the dentist visit is a quick in-and-out experience that you want to get over with. However, next time you have a check-up, consider asking the following questions. You may be surprised on the answers given.


What can I do to keep my oral health in tip-top condition?

No one loves going to the dentist, but everyone loves having a fresh smile. Ask your dentist what you should be doing at home to keep your teeth and gums healthy. For example, keep a consistent and effective oral health routine and use products that contain fluoride.

How often should I get be visiting the dentist?

According to the American Dentist Association (ADA), you should be going to the dentist a minimum of one time a year. Many people go twice a year for six month check-ups. It really depends on the person and how successful their oral hygiene is at home.

Should I be using mouthwash regularly?

Mouthwash can reduce bad breath by killing germs, reduce more plaque and signs of gingivitis (if used in addition to brushing teeth), and protect your teeth from cavities if it contains fluoride. Ultimately, there is no downside to using mouthwash. If you notice extra sensitivity, dilute the mouthwash with water.

What are the dental industry happenings?

In a world with ever-changing technological advances, new studies are finding transformations in dental care. Changes in products and procedures may benefit your oral hygiene. Asking for dental news may help you learn about new methods to a healthier lifestyle when it comes to your teeth.


SW Loop Dental is ready and happy to answer all your questions (not just the ones mentioned above)! Our south loop dentist can’t wait to see you. Make your check-up appointment today to discuss more dental care options with your dentist.

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