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The Value of Regular Dental Cleanings

Published on March 28th, 2019

You may have heard this a thousand times, but it’s important that you get a dental cleaning from your South Loop dentist every six months. There are many reasons that this is one of the most proactive things that you can do for your oral health. The team at South & West Loop Dental wants to make you’re taking the best care possible of your teeth.

Deep Cleaning

No matter how diligently you brush, you can still have plaque build-up on your teeth and gums. Eventually, plaque hardens and forms tartar if it is not cleaned from your teeth. Once this happens, only a professional can remove tartar.

Remove Stains

Tooth staining can often be attributed to aging and less than ideal hygiene. However, it is also commonly caused by harsh foods and drinks that you consume on a daily basis. If you’re a big coffee drinking, watch out for this! But don’t fear, a thorough teeth cleaning can get you back on the right track.

Good Breath

Unfortunately, none of us can claim we haven’t had bad breath at some point or another. Although it’s a minor inconvenience, there’s no doubt we would all rather avoid it. With a professional dental cleaning, you can ensure you are getting a fresh start, leaving your teeth free of plaque and build up.

Dental cleanings will help protect your overall health. If it is time for you to visit your South Loop dentist for a cleaning, contact your friends at South & West Loop Dental today!

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