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If you are unhappy about your smile due to a missing tooth or teeth, the professional and caring staff at South & West Loop Dental, are here to go over the options available to help you gain back your smile. Make an appointment for a consultation with either Dr. Azim or Dr. Djukic to get a comprehensive plan for treatment. During the consultation, you will receive a full oral examination to make sure you have good oral health, healthy gum tissue, and an adequate jawbone needed for the implants to be installed into.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are made to replace the root or roots lost from a missing tooth or multiple teeth. When teeth are lost, the bone that supported them are lost as well. By getting dental implants, you are not only restoring the cosmetic appearance but also helping preserve the jawbone’s shape.

These implants are designed to be securely placed directly into the jawbone and are not visible after surgery. They are made of lightweight titanium, so you will never feel them- you can eat, chew, smile, and talk completely naturally as if they were never there. Dental implants have a high success rate and most patients feel no pain during the surgery and little discomfort afterward.

What is Dental Implant Surgery?

Like most dental procedures, local anesthesia will be administered. Small incisions to the gums are made in order to get to the exact location of the jawbone the implant will be installed at. Then, a small hole is made into the jawbone with a drill to ensure accurate positioning of the implant. Once the implant is installed, a crown or denture is attached to the implant. Depending on your case or how many implants need to be installed, this can happen immediately or a few weeks later. The sutures used to close up the area are self absorbing, and will not need to be removed. The surgery overall is fast and you can expect healing time and discomfort to be very minimal.

If you are struggling with the look of your smile and are ready to gain your confidence back, call the South & West Loop Dental office in the South West Loop/West Pilsen area today to make an appointment with one of our dental professionals. Dr. Djukic and Dr. Azim will be happy to go over the process and cost, it might be easier and better than you think. You have nothing to lose, but your smile to gain.

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