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Smiling Made Easy

Everyone wants to be able to smile confidently for a picture, or laugh without covering their mouth. However, many people are self conscious about their smiles, more specifically, their front teeth. Whether it’s due to not having braces as a child, or losing teeth due to aging, a less than perfect smile can cause hesitation when it comes to expressing joy and laughter.

When teeth are discolored or crooked, there are different options available to fix them. However, missing teeth can make you feel as if there is little hope you’ll ever regain a beautiful smile.

The concept of replacing missing teeth can be daunting. You might look in the mirror and grow accustomed to gaps or missing sections, but you will never get rid of the feeling that people are staring when you open your mouth or smile.

Fortunately, filling out a smile is easy nowadays, and there are different options available for every patient. For most patients, the solution of South Loop dentures can help restore their smile so they can remove the gaps quickly and once again smile without hesitation.


Dentures are a typical solution for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are also a viable option for some patients, but many people prefer dentures for various reasons. At Southwest Loop Dental, we understand every patient’s need for comfort and personal convenience are different. Our professionals take the time to sit down with you and go over the pros and cons of dentures in South Loop, so you can make the most informed decision for your needs.

If a patient is missing teeth and interested in obtaining dentures, they have a few options to choose from. Southwest Loop Dental offers immediate dentures, overdentures, and removable partial dentures. Each of these solutions has certain advantages, and one option will undoubtedly be more suitable than the others for every patient.

If you are having teeth removed, immediate dentures are designed to be placed directly after this procedure. Immediate dentures are favorable because they allow a patient to replace missing teeth right away. Immediate dentures may also help stem bleeding and protect the gums following extraction. Follow-up appointments are necessary to permanently fix the dentures in place/resituate them, or possibly even develop a new denture set, after full healing has occurred.

Overdentures are dentures which sit atop the gaps in a patient’s smile by attaching to remaining teeth or dental implants.

Removable partial dentures are dentures which are a part of a metal framework that attaches to remaining teeth. They can be removed by a patient at their own convenience and are typically meant for people who are missing several teeth, but not all of them.

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If you or someone you care about is considering dentures, call on Southwest Loop Dental today. Our team will help you choose the best option for your particular situation and restore the beauty of your smile-as well as your confidence. We understand how important your smile is to every facet of your life, and don’t want you to feel embarrassed each time you laugh, eat or smile. With our South Loop dentures, you can smile with pride and focus on enjoying life to its fullest.

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