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South Loop Root Canal

Going to the dentist is no one’s favorite activity. When experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity, it’s normal to try to brush it off as nothing. However, this kind of neglect can often lead to an already developing condition such as a cavity, becoming much worse, which can then lead to a root canal.

Being told one needs a root canal is very hard for some patients to hear. After all, the concept of having your teeth drilled is never a pleasant one, but root canals are a fairly common procedure that can save patients a lot of time and discomfort. They are a safe and effective way to mend a tooth that would otherwise have to be pulled and replaced with a bridge or an implant.

The Point Of A Root Canal

Due to bacteria, poor dental hygiene, or just bad genes, cavities are something nearly everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. It is when the cavity gets so large and painful, oftentimes exposing the root of a tooth, that a root canal procedure becomes necessary, as opposed to a simple filling.

The point of a root canal is to relieve the pain of a deep cavity without losing the tooth. If a person refuses to have a cavity filled or a root canal procedure done, they will eventually lose their infected tooth to rot and decay, which will necessitate extraction. Afterward, a patient is left with a crack in their smile, and oftentimes filling the gap with dental implants or dentures can cost a great deal of time, money, and general unease.

Root canals in South Loop may sound like a lot of trouble and pain, but they are actually done fairly quickly with very little chance of complications. Your doctor will also administer anesthesia, or IV sedation, to make everything as comfortable as possible.

A South Loop root canal procedure involves cleaning out the infected tooth by removing any and all decaying pulp, the section of the tooth that lies beneath the surface, connecting root to tip. Once the infected pulp is taken out, the root canal itself is cleaned thoroughly and filled in, then the tooth is covered with a temporary filling or crown. Within two or three visits, a permanent filling or crown is completed.

The entire procedure is rather simple and avoiding a painful cavity out of fear of what will be done to fix it can lead to many unpleasant symptoms like infection, swelling of the gums, or the inability to chew and talk. Oftentimes, a cavity comes with sensitivity to heat and cold, making it impossible to enjoy certain foods, such as ice cream or coffee.

Your Mouth Shouldn’t Be in Pain

While getting a South Loop root canal isn’t at the top of your list of favorite things to do, it can be a major relief to find your mouth no longer hurts, especially when you eat. Once your root canal in South Loop is completed, you will still have your natural teeth and be able to go back to enjoying the same foods without concern about what it will feel like when you bite into something. Our goal is to make sure your oral health is as it should be. You don’t have to continue suffering through life’s happy moments.

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When you are suffering from tooth pain, or you have a cavity that is causing you genuine discomfort, call on Southwest Loop Dental. We are an experienced, reliable group of doctors who will discuss all of your options with you and make sure you understand any procedure completely before it takes place. Root canals are nothing to fear and can actually save you a lot of headaches and pain, not to mention your natural teeth.

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